How to Print/Copy/Email documents from a crashed PC

How to Print/Copy/Email documents from a crashed PC

We all have faced a situation when our PC refused to boot due to crashed PC. PC refuses to boot at all not even in Safe Mode and OS Repair also does not work. And in many cases system crash can ruins your day or several bad days followed by a few stressful weeks or months. And what’s more, they keep crashing until you find the cause and fix the problem. In this tutorial I will show you to boot from a crashed PC and Print/Copy/Email documents.

System crashes when we need some important files like Resume for interview, Photo for marriage, Email of friends, from our PC.

PC can crashed due to many reasons:

  • Installation  of a buggy software
  • Installation of buggy device drivers
  • Viruses
  • Incomplete System Update
  • Frequent Power Cuts (on a PC without UPS)
  • Accidental deletion of some important files from root of the Windows Drive (Drive where windows is installed)

Recently I discovered a nice way to start that crashed PC in just few minutes but require some preparation.

How to boot from a crashed PC

Recently we upgraded our office systems to an popular Open Source Operating System i.e. UBUNTU. Ubuntu is a variant of Linux and is available as Open Source Free OS.

Ubuntu is a super-fast and great-looking, secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free.

Ubuntu comes in two flavors – Server and Desktop. What’s more it can boot from a Pen Drive (USB Drive), this makes it a perfect OS to boot a crashed PC to do anything we can do with a normal PC.

Prepare to Boot Ubuntu from Pen drive (USB Drive)

Follow these steps to boot from your crashed PC.

You will need the following items:

  1. Pen drive (USB Drive) with 1 GB or more space. Needs to be blank.
  2. Download Ubuntu Desktop Edition (32-Bit) from to your PC. If you have laptop you can download the version customized for laptops from ( For other configurations like servers please refer to
  3. Download the Universal USB Installer from . USB installer helps in installing Ubuntu to Pendrives and makes it bootable for booting.
  4. ‘Run’ Universal USB Installer
  5. If the security dialog appears, confirm by clicking ‘Run’
  6. Choose ‘I Agree’  on the license agreement screen to continue
  7. Select Ubuntu Desktop Edition from the dropdown list
  8. Click ‘Browse’ and open the downloaded ISO file
  9. Choose the USB drive and click ‘Create’

If you follow this step by step guide you will have a bootable pendrive with Ubuntu.

How to use Ubuntu Pendrive to boot your PC

Now when ever your PC goes wring and refuses to boot or you want to taste Ubuntu, just change the boot sequence in the BIOS Setup (this can be opened by pressing ‘F2’ or ‘DEL’ key after power on) to Pendrive as the First Drive to boot. Now plug in the USB Drive in system and Save and Reboot the BIOS settings.

After sytstem is restarted with new settings, you will see the Ubuntu Bootup screen and within few seconds you will have a DESKTOP. This can be used for doing any thing you want. You can browse files and folders from Hard Drive, you can send emails, you can use your printer, you can use Open Office to create Document, Workbook and Presentations.

With this I thank you to read this article. Please feel free to post any queries you have.

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