Solution to Aircel GPRS Network and websites like blogspot blogs not opening up

In Delhi, Aircel is one of the major mobile gprs internet providers. And they have attractive GPRS packages comparing to other who are just eating up money without giving ample Data to download. Recently I purchased a 03 Months 09 GB @ 03 GB per month GPRS Packs as like many other Delhiites. But I was disappointed when I tried GPRS Internet on my PC, I was unable to browse blogs hosted by BLOGSPOT and it was unable to find the server. Even talking with Aircel Customer Care was useless, after a 10 minutes hot talking with him, he suggested me to set as my Home Page and Restart the phone to browse Internet (or to disconnect the call Smile). This post is going to help you if you are having difficulty on browsing websites through GPRS.

Solution to slow internet on Mobile GPRS Internet on PC

Solution to this problem is just very simple. We are going to use Public DNS provided by Google instead of the Aircel’s auto assigned DNS.

In this post I have used Windows 7 and Nokia OVI Suite for Internet.

1. Click on the Network Icon Network

2. Here you will find the Nokia C6-00 USB Modem (Nokia Ovi Suite):

View Available Networks

3. Right click on Nokia C6-00 USB Modem (Nokia Ovi Suite) and select properties, Network properties dialog box will appear. In the dialog box select TAB – Networking. In Networking properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCPIPv4)  and click on Properties button:

Nokia C6-00 USB Modem (Nokia Ovi Suite) Properties

4. Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCPIPv4) Properties dialog box will open:

Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCPIPv4) Properties

5. Here we will change DNS Address as follows:

Preferred DNS server: and Alternate DNS server: So now our new setting looks like following:

Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCPIPv4) Properties_updated

6. Click OK on all dialog boxes to save all settings.

Now you can connect to GPRS Internet and all sites will work perfectly.

Benefits of using alternate DNS to resolve issue of websites like blogspot blogs not opening up

  • It speed up the browsing speed of GPRS Internet on PC.
  • It also improves your security.
  • It provided better results.

Above technique can be used on all types of Mobile GPRS Internet to speed up the browsing speed.

You can read more about Google Public DNS here.


  1. The kind of service that Aircel has started for the senior citizens is amazing. For instance their Concierge services are so nice. I am glad to have an Aircel connection.

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