How to activate 2-Step Verification for Google, Dropbox?

2-Step Verification is the latest security feature added by most of the internet giants like Google, Dropbox etc. to protect user data and their account information on their websites. Nowadays when hackers are getting notorious and are using latest techniques to hack data store at websites, it is required by these websites to employ an additional measure to keep hackers away from the users data. 2-Step Verification is an step towards that advance security for user’s data.

What is 2-Step Verification Technique?

Generally 2-Step Verification works by adding an additional password or code that is sent to through SMS to the registered Mobile Number or stored in the Mobile App of your Smart Phone.


Image: How 2-Step Verification Works

How does 2-Step Verification works?

While opting for the 2-Step Verification, you can opt for SMS or Mobile App based login or if you use Laptop and Smartphone for login to the concerned website you can opt for both option if provided by the site. Generally there is an option to Add a Mobile Device.

Using SMS to add security

While you enable the 2-Step Verification, website will ask for your Mobile Number. You can add mobile number which you use regularly. Website will send a code to that Mobile number and you will required to enter this code at the website to Verify the Mobile Device.

Once registered, every time you login (unless saved by you) on a new PC/Location/IP, website will send a code to that Mobile Number, which will be required after you enter the correct Username and Password on the website, as shown in  Image: How 2-Step Verification Works.

Using Smartphone Mobile App to add security

While opting for 2-Step Verification, you can also add a Mobile Device. In that case a long code of around 16 DIGITS is generated which you can use with the Mobile App. There are some Authenticator Application based on Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP), which can also be used for this purpose, as given below:

How to make 2-Step Verification more stronger

We can certainly add some strength to the power provided by 2-Step Verification and make it even more stronger by taking following simple measures:

  1. Use of  08-32 Characters in the password.
  2. Never use dictionary words, names, date of birth, vehicle numbers, phone numbers in your password.
  3. Must use mixed Characters in password like SMALL LETTERS, CAPS LETTERS, NUMBERS, SPECIAL CHARACTERS (SYMBOLS).
  4. Never share your password with others.
  5. When using a shared PC, on completion of work – logout the website and clears the history and cache.

Some useful videos on Password and Security

Video: How to make a stronger password. Courtesy: Google Video Channel on Youtube.
Video: on how 2-Step Verification works. Courtesy: Google Video Channel on Youtube.

Here is a video from guys from Google on how to create a stronger password:

Enable 2-Step Verification

You should enable 2-Step Verification as soon as possible to avoid any loss of information or your account.

Detailed instruction for Google and Dropbox

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