Mozilla Firefox 7.0 – a faster, secure and better browser

Mozilla (organization behind Firefox browser) is updating Firefox with a very fast face. Within a short span of time Firefox has been updated from Firefox 4.0 to Firefox 7.0.  Recently Mozilla released Firefox 7.0 browser.

Firefox 7.0 has been updated with changes that makes it a more secure, faster and better browser as compared to other browsers available in the market.

Following are some of the enhancements done in the Firefox 7

Like earlier releases of Firefox, this update of Firefox is also targeted on to improve the browser experience, a more memory efficient browser by optimizing the memory consumption of the browser and critical bugs fixes for a better user experience.

Summary of Firefox 7 features

  • Firefox 7 uses less memory (about 20% – 40% lesser) and performs faster.
  • Support for hardware-accelerated Canvas for HTML5 animation for faster browsing and faster games.
  • Auto and instant sync for Bookmark and Password changes, when you use Firefox Sync.
  • Changes in the Address Bar, to show url without http:// and https:// and also highlighting the domain name thus making room for actual URL.
  • Firefox added an opt-in system for letting users to send the performance data back to Mozilla for future enhancements. This can be controlled through Add-on.
  • Several bug fixes for more stable and secure browser.

Download Firefox 7.0

Latest Firefox can be downloaded from:

Update: At the time of writing I noticed that Mozilla has updated minor change in the Firefox making it 7.0.1, as seen in the About Dialog box above.

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