10 Most amazing facts about Microsoft Windows 7

windows-7-amazing-factsIn October, 2009 Microsoft released its most amazing Operating System i.e. Windows 7 and it has been over a year that Windows 7 has gained popularity worldwide and has established itself as best Operating System (OS) for PCs to the date. In this post I am providing some interesting  and amazing facts about Windows 7 OS, collected from different magazines and internet. Read on to know 10 Most amazing facts about Windows 7.

Amazing facts about Windows 7

  1. Do you know that Microsoft Windows 7 is a major source of revenue for Microsoft till date. Windows 7 has generated the highest revenue for Microsoft.
  2. Windows 7 has added over $62 billion to the Microsoft revenue.
  3. Over 175 million copies of Microsoft were sold in first 09 months of Windows 7 launch. That comes to 175000000/9*30 = approx. 648148 copies sold per day = 07 copies sold per second. Seven copies sold per day, wow. Seven seems to be luck for Microsoft.
  4. Pre-ordering demand for Windows 7 surpassed the Windows Vista’s first 17 weeks demands in just 08 hours.
  5. Windows 7 gained the 4 percent market share in just 03 weeks, while Windows Vista took 07 months to reach this height.
  6. Windows not only has beaten the demand of Microsoft earlier Operation Systems but has also given a tough (or the toughest) competition to its Competitors like Apple. Within just two weeks of launching Microsoft Windows 7 surpassed the Apple’s MAC OS X Snow Leopard.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, Windows 7 is the only OS with so much different versions of an OS. Windows 7 has Six different versions. Each version (from top to bottom), meant for different user type, is having some extra feature and adding some new functionality based on user type. Windows 7 is available in following six versions (to suit different needs):
    • Starter (OEM only) – for PC manufacturers
    • Home Basic – for Startup PC users
    • Home Premium – for some Advance PC users, like my son
    • Professional – for Office users
    • Enterprise – for Advance Office users
    • Ultimate – for the person (geek) who want to taste it all
  8. Microsoft was expected to sell 300-million copies of Windows 7 licenses by the end of calendar year 2010
  9. Have most of the Hardware Drivers.
  10. Install most of the drivers by itself from the Internet.

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