Top 5 new features in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest Operating System developed by Microsoft and Microsoft has released the Developer Preview version of Windows 8. Since its release it is in much talk around the world because of latest features added to it. I am summarising top 5 new features available in Windows 8.

1. Touch-Based Interface

Windows 8 provides the facility for Touch enabled devices to use touch functionality for a better user experience.


Picture: Touch Keyboard
Touch keyboard has large buttons that helps you type on the touch keyboard.


Picture: Thumb Keyboard
The thumb keyboard makes typing easy, comfortable and natural for mobile users.

2. Metro UI

Windows 8 introduces a new Metro style interface, known as Metro UI (user interface). Metro UI is built for touch and shows information important to you. The Metro UI is also works well with a mouse and keyboard as well. Metro UI is the first screen visible after the system booting. It has many options that can be used for managing day to day activities on PC. The same screen can be accessed using “WINDOW” key and can be hidden by pressing the same key again. Metro UI makes the usage of PC quiet easy.


Picture: Smart Start Screen in Windows 8
Lets you access apps and content in a glance on the start screen.


Picture: Informative Lock Screen in Windows 8
Personalized lock screen allows you to add emails and other app notifications.

3. Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 Developer Preview version have Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), the latest Touch browser. It is available in Metro UI and Desktop flavour. It has controls at the bottom of the screen and these controls are hidden and are visible on mouse movement in that area, like the Windows Media Player control are hidden while playing videos.


Picture: Internet Explorer 10
IE 10 is equipped with Touch browsing which is fast, fluid and intuitive.

4. Supports Windows 7 compatible Hardware and Software

Windows 8 Developer Preview version is compatible with the devices and programs that Windows 7 is compatible with. That means no additional Hard Drives, Ram to buy.

5. Direct mounting of Disk Images

Windows 8 Developer Preview version is capable of mounting Disk Images, i.e. ISO files. Just go to the file and right click and select MOUNT to mount the drive. Now you can access the Disk Image as a disk in My Computer. To UNMOUNT simply use the EJECT option in the menu that is available on Right Click on the Drive.

With these features Windows 8 is going to give a tough competition to other OS available in the market. And the users are going to have a new fluid and confortable experience using PC.

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